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INTERM.ISSION / alternative rock band from Barcelos, Portugal.
Filipe Miranda – guitar, vocals /José Novo – drums / João Coutada – bass

2001-02 The band was born from a fusion of members that come from other different musical projects (Kafka + Flakes & Gin, both extinct). The trio decided, from the beginning, that this would be a band with no calendar or agenda, playing live and recording only on special occasions. First rehearsals took place in Barcelos, February 2001. A month later, the band started playing live in various locations. As a guest musician for this performances, Tiago Esteves joined the group playing guitar. In 2002, the first studio recording sessions with Mariano Dias at Oops! Studio and some more gigs, like the Universidade do Minho student’s party at Insólito and at the first Festival Rock na Barragem, replacing a band that had to cancel. There were also the first acoustic live experiences.
2003-04 The band’s first EP Interm.Ission -  released by Honeysound in 2003 on a limited edition with Jorge Ballester design -, was followed by live presentations, like the bizarre concert at the Triangubar esplanade – with the police trying to cancel the event and verbal confrontation between police officers, people from the audience and the promoters – and Rock’n'Roll Party with two extinct bands: Fucklore and Ribanceira. In 2004, the band was invited by one of Portuguese Fnac stores’ manager – who heard the band’s songs on the radio – to do a series of showcases at Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia and Oporto. Guest musicians: Hugo Braga on the vocals and Óscar Sousa on the percussion. Sound technician Nuno Pereira recorded one of this acoustic showcases, a recording later released with the name of Bootleg for promotional purposes. The rest of the concerts that year took place in venues at Braga and Oporto’s districts. One of the band’s favourite was in the charismatic Azenha D. Zameiro in Vila do Conde, sharing the stage with friends Lip Poppers.
2005-06 The year 2005 started with a live interview/showcase, broadcasted by Rádio Universitária do Minho, on Vitor Pinto’s Lollypop radio show. After that, the band continued to play live – on one of the gigs João Dias joined the group to play keyboards. Two of this concerts took place at Viana do Castelo city, first with Fingertips in the Queima das Fitas (an annual college festival) and later in the Goodbye Summer Festival with bands like Dixie Gang, Be-Dom or Les Triples. In November, the group spent a week recording some of the songs composed since 2001 at Oops! Studio again, this time with José Arantes. In 2006, the band decided not to play live due to personal agendas and to other projects the trio is involved with – The Partisan Seed, BiarooZ and Nikouala -, but there were three new releases: the Make No Mistake On a Strange Way single and the participation in the Input.Output (Honeysound) and Acorda! (Cobra, Antena 3) compilations.
2007-08 In 2007, there were invitations from other labels, but the band decided to decline the proposals. That same year, the group made a comeback just to play at Jazz & Co. and to participate in the Festival SoutoRock, where the guest musician was Gonçalo Machado on the vocals. There was only one gig in 2008, due to the impossibility of José Novo to play live. On this unique presentation at Barcelos – performing in the city’s annual fest -, Pedro Cabral replaced José on the drums.
2009-10 Release and presentation of the album Same Old Fancy Show / 01-05. The first gig of the 30 gigs tour took place at the Museu de Olaria in Barcelos. The band played in auditoriums, festivals, clubs and did concert-showcases at the Portuguese Fnac stores., sharing stages with bands like L’Enfance Rouge, Bizarra Locomotiva, Loops, The Bombazines or His Sad Quote. In between, radio interviews – such as Rádio Local de Barcelos, Rádio Universitária do Minho, Rádio Universidade de Coimbra – and the release of the first official videoclip. The album featured as one of the best albums of the year on CDGO and Marsupilami.
2011-12 The band takes a break. In 2012, two live gigs at Barcelos and Bragança and participation in the Honeysound's 10th anniversary compilation.
2013-now José moved to the United States (check out East Coast band Glamour Assassins), Filipe continues performing live and recording (The Partisan Seed, Was An Outsider, MFFM, etc.) and so is João (Ratere, Biarooz).


“By the hands of INTERM.ISSION massive electricity again rises from the well of Barcelos. This ‘Same Old Fancy Show / 01-05′ does justice to the sonic tradition of the city and shows us a rock trio with a consistency and maturity that gives evidence of great experience and an undying love for the art.
A spinal shock, the melodies are simple and accurate in their repetition that evoke images of a black beauty that Filipe Miranda rescues from the same lyrical universe of its superb Kafka or his alter-ego The Partisan Seed. Only the strength of José Novo on the drums and the magnanimous bass of João Coutada put reins in the waterfalls of electricity that flows from the guitars, creating a cohesive and aesthetic end which should not be tagged.
The eight songs that make this a wonderful debut album, derived from the alternation of moments of tension – created by the  excellence of the trio in the economy of means – and others of pure avoidance redemptive galloping electric while, in it’s light-dark /chiaroscuro  tone, the great poetry of Filipe Miranda goes wandering in beautifully brown and blurry where human beings receive calling from a light that will overshadow and release the bonds of flesh.
Owners of a sound of stone, metal and honey, INTERM.ISSION add eras of rock sediments in a shinning league which needs to be kept in darkest corners of our music collections.” - C.Mateus

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